• Katie Arnold

I have always loved classic photography that captures the emotion of a moment. I do love to see a well composed, punchy landscape photo don't get me wrong - Ansell Adams work never fails to draw my eye - but seeing raw emotion captured in a timeless format is what does it for me. Bert Hardy is one of my favourite photographers, and his use of a 35mm and the human spirit was incredible.


A question you get asked a fair bit when starting out is "what sort of photography do you do?". The subjects I take photos of are as random as my itunes playlist at times. It's just things that catch my eye. Street photography is great fun, but I find the snobbishness that can go with this genre of photography stints creativity. I need to address this and get out with the Ricoh GR more - I have lost my mojo and have been overthinking it all. Plus you can't earn a living really from it so that is when most people look to wedding, event and so on.

Human Slaves

Everything is a photo

I will never label myself as a wedding photographer. I am Katie with the camera who will take some great shots, blend with your guests and help calm a situation down when needed (you get many of these moments in the getting ready stages!).

Getting ready

I will not bark orders at your guests (I have met some awful photographers at weddings who have quite frankly ruined the experience getting people into position and not thinking about people being cold / thirsty / bored to tears. Trust me - no photo is worth your guests leaving your wedding feeling like an afterthought.) I will also not be too keen on taking endless group shots. Where will you put them? Just a few key ones with the main groups of people, a nice group shot and let me work out the rest in a candid and relaxed way. Your guests will thank you for it. I also won't stick a lightroom present filter on all your photos. They will have some light edits done but what you will get is pretty much what has come out of the camera. While this may not blow people's retinas up on instagram quite as much with bleached white tones or heavy, grungy hues, they will print off well and will look good in 30 years time when the trends of today have passed. Which they will. If you want to run the photos through an app to get a certain look for an instagram post you can, but you have the original to come back to. I have really loved the weddings I have done so far and it has felt an honour to be such an intimate part of a couple's big day and hope to do many more.

I really enjoy event and promotional photography - some of my favourite portraits of people have come from events when they are happy and you catch them off guard.

So what is to come in 2020? I have a variety of bookings which I am so looking forward to. Working with people who have a seed of an idea of what they want and going with it is how I like to work and I hope to be able to show you all lots of natural, emotive and natural photos over the coming months!